White Ink Printing

Familiar with various materials and surface finishing application. We can assist and suggest the right material and finishing based on customer’s requirement to create the best quality labels that communicate the good quality of customer’s products. Consistently reliable with color quality. Cost effective and timely manner for the customer.

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Translucent sticker with bright and shine hot stamping finish adhering on a matte bottle, it creates eye-catching and unique labels.

Health Product Labels

Health Product Labels

It is not easy to control and keep the printing color consistently and lasting few hours or more. With our specialized label printing experience of many years, we are consistently reliable with color quality.


White Ink Printing

White Ink’s Visual Effect

To print the images directly onto the transparent material in any color that meaning your labels will be printed with less saturated colors due to its inherent “see through” property. When adhering to a dark glass bottle, the color display would be very poor. To keep colors bright and opaque, the solution is to have white ink printing underneath. White ink is used to overcome the color of the paper or other substrate providing a white background or base. Especially on clear and metallic substrates, white ink printing underneath is necessary to prevent light from passing through and affecting other colors.

White Ink Printing Technology
    White ink allows you to achieve special effects that were once impossible on printed media.
  • Spot white
    Spot white color for brightening specific areas. White ink works wonders as a pre or post coat to enhance backlit products or metallic substrates.
  • White underneath – This is where the entire background of the graphic (including clear areas) is printed in white ink. The white ink acts as a diffuser, spreading the light evenly for brighter, more evenly illuminated back-lit displays.
Silkscreen Printing
A saturated white underneath is normally made by silkscreen printing. With traditional facility, it is required a secondary processing. Ching Teng’s state of the art printing presses allows the flexible combination of printing processes and can handle rotary screen printing.
  • custom clear product labels - product clear labels
    custom clear product labels

    Product Clear Labels are the perfect solution for product labelling that having a great visual appearance with a totally see-through look. These transparent labels virtually disappear when applied to white and coloured surfaces, giving a direct printed-on look. With a high gloss finish, they work well on glass, plastic, metal and coloured backgrounds. These labels are oil, dirt and waterproof making them long lasting.

  • No Label Look Clear Labels - No Label Look Clear Labels
    No Label Look Clear Labels

    Ching Teng is using the high bright transparent material to create a "no label look" label that will increase the good quality and unique of your products. It is also moisture resistant making them an excellent option for food, beverage, bath, and other products that face wet conditions. And with our white ink printing technology, we can make the printed color more like as per your original expectation.<p></p>

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