Ching Teng is a specialized label printing company that prints the custom labels for every industry.

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Translucent sticker with bright and shine hot stamping finish adhering on a matte bottle, it creates eye-catching and unique labels.

Health Product Labels

Health Product Labels

It is not easy to control and keep the printing color consistently and lasting few hours or more. With our specialized label printing experience of many years, we are consistently reliable with color quality.


Spot Varnishing & Lamination

Flood Varnish&Spot Varnish

Varnish treatments are used to decorate label designs or to simply protect the ink and paper, similar to lamination. It can either be applied across the entire page or on a spot basis. When a varnish is applied to the entire label it's called a flood varnish. Flood Varnish can be used to add a matte or gloss appearance to the overall label design, provide protection, and help inks bond with label papers. Spot varnish is applied to specific areas of the label design to make it shinier and leaving an enhanced visual impression. It can be used in conjunction with a lamination and printed over the top to create a more creative and diverse result. Spot varnish is available mainly in gloss and have a wide variety of specialty finishes.

Lamination is the process of using a thin plastic film to cover the whole side of a printed piece which make it more durable and long lasting and can offer some water, grease and abrasion resistance. The lamination can be glossy or matte that does a good job protecting inks against abrasion and rub resistance. It also resists yellowing, which is common with unprotected labels that have been in storage for a while.
  • Spot Varnish Adhesive Labels - Spot Varnish Adhesive Labels
    Spot Varnish Adhesive Labels

    Varnishing is the process of applying a transparent layer over the top of a printed area. Spot varnish applied to specific areas of the label design to add contrast and texture. In addition to the common gold, silver, can also be printed with pearl, or shiny and texture effect under the light. With our over 17 years label printing experience, we are familiar with a variety of materials and surface finishing application. We can assist and suggest the cost-effective process to create the best labels that communicate the good quality of your products. Welcome for inquiry.

  • Self Adhesive Vinyl Stickers - Self Adhesive Vinyl Stickers
    Self Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

    Self Adhesive Vinyl Stickers adhere to almost any smooth surface. Supplied in any shape with permanent adhesive and used for almost any application including product packaging and labeling, car stickers, window stickers, office branding, safety labels, promotional stickers.

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