Spot Color Printing

Familiar with various materials and surface finishing application. We can assist and suggest the right material and finishing based on customer’s requirement to create the best quality labels that communicate the good quality of customer’s products. Consistently reliable with color quality. Cost effective and timely manner for the customer.

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Translucent sticker with bright and shine hot stamping finish adhering on a matte bottle, it creates eye-catching and unique labels.

Health Product Labels

Health Product Labels

It is not easy to control and keep the printing color consistently and lasting few hours or more. With our specialized label printing experience of many years, we are consistently reliable with color quality.


Spot Color Printing

Solid Color Printing

This type of printing consists of printing with 1 or more pre-mixed colors (generally 1, 2 or 3 colors at once). Spot printing uses a color system of solid, premixed colors known as Pantone colors.

Pantone Color Matching System
All of the inks we use are based on the Pantone Color Matching System, also known as PMS colors. This system is simply a universal color matching system to help us get 100% accuracy when matching the colors in your design to the inks in your stickers.
When using spot printing, colors are more accurate because you have already determined the color by its specific Pantone number. Since the ink is not being mixed, that color will never change from one print run to the next. For example: Some colors, such as metallic and fluorescents, are only available as spot colors—the same color and effect can’t be achieved using 4-color process.
Spot colors are nearly impossible to replicate on digital print devices and cannot reproduce color photos. Higher printing costs – each time you add a spot color to your CMYK job, it gets a five color job and adds cost. Add two? You’re at a six color job. Price goes up.

4-color vs. Spot Color
  • Spot colors often look cleaner and brighter than four-color builds.
  • If your design includes large areas of tints or percentages of a color that must match from one spread to the next, using spot colors will make that easier to accomplish.

Ching Teng's printing presses are capable of printing with both four-color process inks and additional spot color inks at the same time.

  • Security Adhesive Labels - Invisible ink only visible under ultraviolet light
    Security Adhesive Labels

    Security labels are used to safeguard goods from tampering, counterfeiting, and diversion. Security labeling not only authenticates products to consumers, but also protects the company’s brand and reduces the risk of lost revenues and liability issues. In addition, security labels can be used to monitor products as they travel through the supply chain.The security measures may be covert and visible to the human eyes, or covert and only visible using special tools.

  • Liquor Bottle Labels - Liquor Bottle Labels
    Liquor Bottle Labels

    A eye-catching Liquor bottle label make your product stand out in customers' minds. We offer a wide range of materials, films, foils, papers and adhesives for every application, as well as varnishes and film laminations for special effects and label protection. Email us the design/artwork with the quantity you request and we will consider the most cost effective processing for you. Ching Teng helps you create the best labels that demostrating the good quality of your products.

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