Ching Teng is a specialized label printing company that prints the custom labels for every industry.

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  • Food Packaging Adhesive Labels
    Food Packaging Adhesive Labels

    If your food package is not a carton, but in cans, bottles or bags, the label on the packaging is more important for attracting the cusummers. Therefore, the quality of the Food label such as color quality, color stability, durability(in a higher temperature, lower temperature or high humidity environment), can still maintain with a good fitness will help ensure the success of your specialty food products and catch the consumer's attention.

  • Printed Bottle Labels
    Printed Bottle Labels

    We print custom bottle labels for all bottle shapes and sizes. Liquor bottle labels, glass bottle labels, plastic bottle labels, wine bottle labels, spirits bottle labels, food labels, vitamin labels, nutrition supplement labels, cosmetic labels and beverage labels...etc.

  • Healthy Product Labels
    Healthy Product Labels

    The label and package are the first points of interaction between a health product and a healthcare professional or patient. Good Label for Non-prescription Drugs and Natural Health Products will help to get trusted from the customers.Furthermore, to print large quantity of labels continuously for many hours, it is not easy to keep the color consistently. With over 17 years label printing experience, ChingTeng is familiar with color characteristic and aware how to manage the color quality display in different materials. We can assist you to create the best labels that communicate the good quality of your products.

  • Seafood Labels
    Seafood Labels

    Food labels for seafood, Labels are one of the best ways to promote a product on the market and helps with brand recognition. The most common raw seafood is processed in different ways. For the purpose of easier distribution, it is converted into fish fillets, steaks, shuck etc. And unless the seafood is canned, it has to be stored in the freezer. To properly package foods that will be stored in cold conditions, you need special cold-temp food packaging labels. We provide a variety of materials includes different types of paper and synthetic materials for frozen food storage.

  • Refrigerated Food Labels
    Refrigerated Food Labels

    Refrigerated foods require additional labels that clearly indicate to consumers that the product must be stored under refrigerated conditions. Good lables can communicate the good quality of your products and attractive to the consumers. The label material and adhesives we are using are excellent performance in icy, frosty, dry, damp, or wet conditions. For frozen and deep-frozen food packages, we have another waterproof materials to fit your requirment, please contact us for more detailed information.

  • Custom Food Labels
    Custom Food Labels

    Custom food labels for products like jam, jelly, honey, spices and more. We can print food labels both in short run quantities and large quantity. Whatever the glass bottles, plastic containers or other applying objects, it can be arranged as per request.With over 17 years of label printing experience, we are familiar with the material characteristic and application. By adding lamination, varnish or foil stamping to increase the texture quality that creates eye-catching and unique labels. Ching Teng creates the best quality labels that demostrate the good quality of your products.By the way, in response to environmental protection and food safety requirements, we are able to provide the label with adhesive of FDA compliance. And the printing ink we are using are all comply with RoHs. Please contact us for asking if having the request.

  • Food Packaging Labels
    Food Packaging Labels

    Food packaging labels can be for fruits, vegetables, sauces, snacks, condiments, seasonings, and much more, they contain the Ingredients and nutrition and other information. The right label drives sales. Ching Teng provides a variety of material and multiple surface finishing that can assist you create the best labels that demostrating the good quality of your products. We are experty in adhesive label printing. Deal directly with us and get professional suggestion and service.

  • Food Labels for Jars
    Food Labels for Jars

    Jar labels are applicable for honey, olive oil, limoncello, jam, herbs and spices, coffee, hot sauce and more. We offer a variety of materials and print processes. Based on your design, budget, product contents and label application method, we can consider the cost-effective processing for you. With our experty in label printing, we can assist you create the best labels that make your jar products stand out on store shelves and appealing to the consumers.

  • Printed Food Labels
    Printed Food Labels

    Printed food labels need to have an appealing display so that can attract the consumers in the shelf. It may also require specific details to comply with governmental, religious and industry standards. Good lables can demostrate the good quality of your products.With over 17 years of label printing experience, we are familiar with the material characteristic and application. We can assist to select the suitable material to fit your requirment. By adding lamination, varnish or foil stamping to increase the texture quality that creates eye-catching and unique labels.

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