Refrigerated Food Labels

Familiar with various materials and surface finishing application. We can assist and suggest the right material and finishing based on customer’s requirement to create the best quality labels that communicate the good quality of customer’s products. Consistently reliable with color quality. Cost effective and timely manner for the customer.

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Translucent sticker with bright and shine hot stamping finish adhering on a matte bottle, it creates eye-catching and unique labels.

Health Product Labels

Health Product Labels

It is not easy to control and keep the printing color consistently and lasting few hours or more. With our specialized label printing experience of many years, we are consistently reliable with color quality.


Refrigerated Food Labels

Refrigerated food labels for salad, sandwich, fruit, vegetables

Refrigerated Food Labels
Refrigerated Food Labels

Refrigerated foods require additional labels that clearly indicate to consumers that the product must be stored under refrigerated conditions. Good lables can communicate the good quality of your products and attractive to the consumers. The label material and adhesives we are using are excellent performance in icy, frosty, dry, damp, or wet conditions. For frozen and deep-frozen food packages, we have another waterproof materials to fit your requirment, please contact us for more detailed information.


CMYK and special color printing on glossy white paper without lamination. Die cut perforated lines for easy tearing off the polybag.


  • Material: White paper, Metallic/Foil paper or Polyester(PET, PE, BOPP, PP)
  • Printing: UV printing
  • Finish: Glossy or Matte lamination, Varnish, Embossing or Hot stamping
  • Shape: Custom die cut shape
  • Custom designed artwork

Also called label roll direction or wind direction. It is important to choose the correct unwind direction especially if you will be applying labels with an applicator or machine. There are four directions the label can be oriented in:
① Label on OUTSIDE of roll. Copy printed ACROSS the roll. Bottom of label OFF FIRST
② Label on OUTSIDE of roll. Copy printed WITH the roll. Left side of label OFF FIRST
③ Label on OUTSIDE of roll. Copy printed ACROSS the roll. Top of label OFF FIRST
④ Label on OUTSIDE of roll. Copy printed WITH the roll. Right side of label OFF FIRST

How many labels per roll?
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