Printed Vinyl Stickers

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Hot Stamping Clear Labels

Translucent sticker with bright and shine hot stamping finish adhering on a matte bottle, it creates eye-catching and unique labels.

Health Product Labels

Health Product Labels

It is not easy to control and keep the printing color consistently and lasting few hours or more. With our specialized label printing experience of many years, we are consistently reliable with color quality.


Printed Vinyl Stickers

Print Vinyl Stickers, Vinyl Labels

printed stickers for chemical industry
printed stickers for chemical industry

Printed vinyl stickers for product packaging and branding, most commonly used in advertising and promotional purposes. It can be also used for chemical-resistance labels. The material grade and UV ink can be long lasting. With laminationm, it even makes the stickers scratch-resistant and keeps its colours vivid.

Email us the design/artwork with the quantity you request and we will consider the most cost effective processing for you. Ching Teng assists you create the best labels that demostrating the good quality of your products.


  • Custom designed artwork
  • Material options: Paper or Synthetic resins (BOPP / PE / PET / PVC / PP)
  • Adhesive: Permannent or removable
  • Printing: UV printing ( CMYK or special color)
  • Finishing options: Glossy / Matte lamination / Hot stamping / Varnish
  • Shape: custom die cut shape
  • MOQ: 5000~10,000 pcs, variable depends on the size

Depending on the application method - by hand or by high speed applicator labelling machine, labels can be supplied on rolls or on sheet format. If on rolls, please provide following informations.
What the unwind direction(label roll direction) will be?
How many labels per roll?

How many labels per roll?
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