Success Story

Success Story

Ching Teng committed to provide high-quality of printed labels that can demonstrate the good quality of your products. We are familiar with various material and surface finishing application. And through our color management system, we are able to print good colors on different substrates and keep color consistent across different printing processes.

Food Label: Japanese Rice Ball

When an initial label design was done, the customer would like to print out the hard copy for checking up the graphics and colors for making sure the complete design. However, an artwork display on the screen, on the hardcopy proof and production sample which color visual is different.  The customer is critical in color consistency and expended lots of time for making the samples and checking up the colors. 


They allocated the project to Ching Teng who is familiar with color characteristic and handling the colors very seriously.  With our color management system, we can provide the hard copy nearly to production color (except Spot colors / Pantone colors).  That decreased a lot of samples fee and shorten the time for waiting and checking up the color.  The custom is satisfied with Ching Teng’s performance of consistent color and reliable quality.  

Liquor label: Xiaojin Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor 

Quite graphic designed on a clear label for 200ml glass bottle with a perspective effect demonstrating the high quality of the product.  However, due to the printing ink has the characteristics of light transmission thus the printed color on the transparent substrate can’t be saturated. When it is adhered to the glass bottle, the printed color display is not dramatically and not the exact color as per originally expected.


Ching Teng’s white ink printing underneath allows the printing color can be saturated that increased the color stereoscopic effect of the image. Together with the partial silver foil printing that make the graphic looks more lively and naughty. Finally, overlay a matt lamination with gold foil stamping on the top.  It creates an eye-catching effect.  

Ching Teng is familiar with various materials and multiple finishing applications.  According to your need, we can suggest the proper ones on the labels to achieve the special effects as per expected.  Ching Teng’s expertise can assist you create the best labels that demonstrating the good quality of your products.



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