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Good products combined with good labels and strong promotions can attract the consumers and increase their willingness to purchasef. Labels During the development process, communication and sample testing between the two parties is very important. Working with an experienced label supplier can save you a lot of time and communication costs. With nearly 20 years of label printing experience, we are happy to share our expertise with you.

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  • Labels Adhesive Problem & Solution - Labelling problem & solution
    Labels Adhesive Problem & Solution

    There are a few common reasons that labels do not apply properly to your bottles, tubes, or plastic containers, such as bubbles, edge lift, wrinkle and poor sticky. Why the problems are caused from? The first that the users would think about is the“Labels quality”. But is it only the factor caused the problem? Mostly they related to other factors. What type of containers the labels apply to? Are the labels applied by hand or machine? The environmental conditions where the label application? Transportation, storage conditions and more depending on your specific requirements.The following steps will help determine the cause of the problem.

  • Printing Common Issues - White spot on the print
    Printing Common Issues

    Printing is a mature industry and most printers have learned to achieve quality results while keeping costs under control. Sometimes however, the printed result may not match your expectations or labels do not apply properly to your bottles, tubes, or plastic containers. This page describes common printing issues, what causes them and how they can be avoided.

  • Keeping Color Consistent - keeping color consistent
    Keeping Color Consistent

    Why the same artwork printed in different device and different substrates would have the color deviation? Why the same artwork printed even if by the same machine, it might also have the color deviation? Or how to produce the same colors on varying substrates, such as coated papers, uncoated paper, craft paper, vinyl and clear films from different supplier, …etc.? Maintaining consistency can be a difficult and often frustrating challenge. There are many factors that can affect color. Most traditional printing device which system is designed with many ink fountain rollers. That after prolonged contact, friction, pressure, and solvents, the ink roller is deformed, hardened, cracked, and swollen caused the ink transferred to the plate will not be stable and even. Base on this kind of ink transfer method, if it required a thicker transfer ink to the substrate, the color is extremely difficult to maintain at this time.

  • Custom Label Buying Guide
    Custom Label Buying Guide

    Many people don’t realize that creating a label is not as simple as it looks like. There are many factors to be concerned because the label can be an integral part of the end-user’s experience of a product. The right label adheres perfectly, lasts as long as you need, and looks exactly the way you want. The wrong label is not sticky well or looks terrible (poor registration or color deviation) and can make a product look less valuable which would costing your time, money, and reputation.Getting the right label — there are variables you may not know to consider, or that might not be addressed if you rely on the wrong printing service provider. This buying guide can help you understanding of the process, so that when you want to order the custom labels, you’ll be 100% confident in your label and in the people making it for you.

  • Success Story
    Success Story

    Ching Teng committed to provide high-quality of printed labels that can demonstrate the good quality of your products. We are familiar with various material and surface finishing application. And through our color management system, we are able to print good colors on different substrates and keep color consistent across different printing processes.

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