Printing Common Issues

Printing Common Issues

White spot on the print
White spot on the print

Printing is a mature industry and most printers have learned to achieve quality results while keeping costs under control. Sometimes however, the printed result may not match your expectations or labels do not apply properly to your bottles, tubes, or plastic containers. This page describes common printing issues, what causes them and how they can be avoided.

White spot in the print

A single tiny speck of white that is somewhat noticeable and they are sometimes random or on the same position. The problem occurred mostly due to the printing plate broken or dust attached on the plate.

Solution: A clean and air conditioning printing area are the basic requirement. With web cleaner installation plus anti-static function, it would be more effecient to remove contamination from a moving web of material. Sampling check during the process is necessary to reduce the problem.

Poor Registrationt

In color printing, registration is the method of correlating overlapping colors on one single image. The proper registration of these colors is crucial to produce a sharp image. Even a slight position shift in one of the four colors will cause the printed image to appear blurred or fuzzy. This is an example of registration misalignment, note white and purple plates are not in the exact place.

Solution: Adjusting the printing pressure and paper strength and making sure the plate registration is correct in right position.  Our label inspection machine(Germany EyeC) performs 100% complete comparison of each label exactly like the proofs to ensure the quality before shipment. We can be sure to deliver exactly what the customers expect.

Printing Dot Loss

The most common defects in letterpress printing is that when the gradient is pulled to 3% ~ 5%, there will be a dot loss issue. For this problem, it can be anlysis from film platemaking, digital platemaking and printing production. In the case of using film platemaking, the printing plate is exposed by exposure unit and then washed out to complete the printing plate. In such a process, small dots can not be reproduced on the printing plate and easily resulting in loss. If you are using a digital platemaking, usually small dots can be duplicated on the plate, but these small dots may not be printed out on the substrate, because the coverage of the dots is too small, so ink transfer is not easy, However, using Digital platemaking technology has made this problem reduced a lot.

We use state of the art printing press and software to provide high quality labels at competitive prices. And with our expertise in label printing, we can print the full color as per your expected and solve the problem of dot loss without modified the original artwork.

Dot Gain & Bridging

The printing defect of dot gain is with symptoms of increasing dot size from the engraved image to the physical print. The causes might be the printing pressure too high, printing plate too thick or swollen, volume of the Anilox roller too high or cell count is too low.

From the following pictures, it is clear to see the different cell size in different line of Anilox. The line is big and the cell is small. When the dots on the plate are smaller that would be easy to “dip” into the cell of Anilox, then cause the printing quality issues of dot gain or bridging - separate dots in the print screen connect with each other irregularly.

How to choose the right cell count of Anilox for printing?

For example,  if the plate line is 100 lpi, the formula is to multiply 4-6 times and the suggested Anilox is 400 lpi~600 lpi of line screen.

(Reference Data:harperimage)

Referring to above table, if the plate screen is 175 and would like to avoid the 4% dots dipping into the cell, the better is to choose the 700 line count of Anilox. But 2% and 3% dots might still have the risk to dip into the cell of Anilox.

ChingTeng specialized in label printing. With nearly 20 years of label printing experience, we are familiar with vary quality issues and have the solution to avoid it. We are consistently reliable with color quality. Any request relating to the labels, please feel free to contact us.

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