Labels Adhesive Problem & Solution

Labels Adhesive Problem & Solution

Labelling problem & solution
Labelling problem & solution

There are a few common reasons that labels do not apply properly to your bottles, tubes, or plastic containers, such as bubbles, edge lift, wrinkle and poor sticky. Why the problems are caused from? The first that the users would think about is the“Labels quality”. But is it only the factor caused the problem? Mostly they related to other factors.
What type of containers the labels apply to? Are the labels applied by hand or machine? The environmental conditions where the label application? Transportation, storage conditions and more depending on your specific requirements.

The following steps will help determine the cause of the problem.

Inspect your labels
Lookout for adhesive that is either too aggressive (is difficult to remove from the liner) or not aggressive enough (easily pops off or slides around on the liner or container once applied).

Check your containers
Be sure to check the condition of your container. The surface should be clean and dry and free of dust and oils. Containers that handled with bare hands are often the culprit for labels fail. Be sure to clean the surface before applying the adhesive labels. In addition, Plastic and glass bottles and containers can be inconsistently formed or asymmetrical, that would also cause some labels to fail.

Consider the environment
Often it's not the label causing the problem, but the environment. Cold or damp bottles will not allow the adhesive to attach to the bottle and set up. Apply your labels in dry, room temperature conditions when possible.

With nearly 20 years of label printing experience, Ching Teng is familiar with various materials and surface finishing application. Based on your using conditions, we can suggest the suitable material and adhesive to fit your requirement.

Any request relating to the labels, please feel free to contact us.

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