Keeping Color Consistent

Familiar with various materials and surface finishing application. We can assist and suggest the right material and finishing based on customer’s requirement to create the best quality labels that communicate the good quality of customer’s products. Consistently reliable with color quality. Cost effective and timely manner for the customer.

Keeping Color Consistent

keeping color consistent
keeping color consistent

Why the same artwork printed in different device and different substrates would have the color deviation? Why the same artwork printed even if by the same machine, it might also have the color deviation? Or how to produce the same colors on varying substrates, such as coated papers, uncoated paper, craft paper, vinyl and clear films from different supplier, …etc.?

Maintaining consistency can be a difficult and often frustrating challenge. There are many factors that can affect color. Most traditional printing device which system is designed with many ink fountain rollers. That after prolonged contact, friction, pressure, and solvents, the ink roller is deformed, hardened, cracked, and swollen caused the ink transferred to the plate will not be stable and even. Base on this kind of ink transfer method, if it required a thicker transfer ink to the substrate, the color is extremely difficult to maintain at this time.

Keeping Color Consistency
How to keeping Color Consistent across Flexoprinting, Letterpress and Digital Print or printed on different substrates?

If you don’t understand and can’t describe “what your color is now”, it is much difficult to print the color exactly as per expected.

But if there is someone who can help and describe clearly “what your color is now” It is more easier to control and manage your brand color and label color for each print in stably and consistently.

ChingTeng is consistently reliable with colour quality. With our color management system, we know how to display good color quality in different substrates and keeping color consistent across different printing processing. We can assist you to create the best quality labels that demonstrate the goo quality of your products.

Any request relating to the labels, please feel free to contact us.

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